Rideau Ferry Yacht Club and Regatta

Rideau Ferry Yacht Club

On the Rideau Canal World Heritage Site!

Miss Rideau Ferry

Family Fun at the Regatta

The Six Hour Canoe Build

The Six Hour Canoe Build

Only one spot left for a team of four to register to build a canoe on Saturday _ race it on Sunday. $120.00 gets you all the materials _ almost one-on-one instruction… and you take home a 15 foot canoe! Contact John: hjrkessel@aol.com.

Toy Boats

The little ones and sometimes the not-so-little-ones, can choose between a tug boat, a race boat or a sail boat, and after a small amount of assembling, can decorate their wooden craft in any way they choose. No charge! All day, both days!

Pirate Parrots

Parrot Partner brings displays _ shows of these incredible birds for your pleasure. Spending time with the parrots is so much fun and you will not believe how much you will learn about these birds. Parrot Partner rescues, re-habilitates and then puts the birds up for adoption.

12 pm - 4 pm Saturday _ Sunday. Show starts at 1pm

Learn fun facts about parrots, their history and our relationship with them

No charge except for $3 to have a parrot perch on you _ take a photograph. A fundraiser for this not-for-profit organization.

Paddle Making Workshops

Need a paddle or two? Four sessions scheduled, Saturday _ Sunday 10 am _ 1 pm. $15 gets you all the materials _ instruction to make a paddle. Need two?… Register for two workshops! Contact Gillian: gillianorgan@gmail.com

Minnow Races!

Friends in Sport Fishing offers the gambler in you to wage your bet on one of the little wigglers… real live minnows, _ take the prize if your minnow wins, HILARIOUS! And all for a good cause! All day, both days!

Friends in SPORTFISHING provides recreational boating and sport fishing for children and people with special needs. The organization was formed in 1993 and registered as a charity in 1996.

Yummy Treats

Pony Rides _ Petting Zoo - By West Winds Ranch

Ride and filly around the course then enjoy the animals at the petting zoo. $3 per ride $5 for an extended ride. Minimum charge for treats to feed the zoo critters. Sunday only from 10am to 3pm.

The Petting Zoo features a selection of Alpacas, Donkeys, Pigs, Goats, Rabbits, Chickens _ Ducks. Bella the Lamb, Shirley the Donkey, and Porkchop the Pot-bellied Pig.

Browse the Upper Deck - Vendors and Displays Are All Around