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2015 Canadian National Championship

PS 103 Can Am 721

Flat bottom racing has been a part of CBF racing from the '50's, be it the COD class which was popular in the Rideau Ferry area. At some point, the flat bottom class which was very popular in California migrated up to the Canadian circuit. There at some point a large number of competitors throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Basically these hulls were powered by 427 cu. in. motors. I wasn't long before bigger cu. in. classes were introduced up the big K boat class that were powered by supercharged engines. They raced both in the straight lined drag races and circle races.

These boats are between 16 _ 19 foot long. The Can Am class moved up from 500 cu. in. to 540 cu. in. in the late '80's'. Featured Ontario drivers in that period included Cyril Smith, Norm Woods. Peter Duff and Norm Phillips. Norm Woods and Cyril Smith are in the CBF Hall of Fame. In Quebec, Guy Verdun, Pierre Pontbriand, Michel Phaneuf and Dominic Cournoyer dominated. Only Dominic Cournoyer from these drivers is still competing.

Moving into the '90's the Can Am class downsized their motors to 500 cu. in. to meet the PS (Pro Stock) class in the US.

Newcomers to this class including Gilbert Rousse/Frank Campo, Sebastien Leboeuf and Paul Reid. Mike Smith has kept up the family tradition competing with his dad's Widowmaker.

Paul Reid is planning to compete with 2 boats this year with his son driving a limited amount of races and Peter Hackett as the main driver. His Sky High hull won the US Hi-Point Championship in 2014. This champion boat will be renamed "Miss Rideau Ferry" for the 2015 season.

Paul's dad Dudley Reid won the 1933 race held in Rideau Ferry in the outboard class. As a 16 year old competitor he outclassed Doug Cleland the, C.N.E. champion.

Paul has competed so far this year in Parker Arizona and Lakeland Fla. where he placed second and third driving " Miss Rideau Ferry". He plans on running in Stuart, Fla. where he plans to promote the August event in Rideau Ferry.

The Can Am classes are honored to be participating at the year's Vintage Event where hopefully 16 boats will be participating.